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TBT: Meet Jamie Bourgeois

For my Throw-back Thursday posts, I would like to feature former colleagues that I was personally inspired by and whose work I admire very much. The purpose of these posts is to reconnect a little bit, see where they are at today, and what they are doing with their work. This just goes to show… Continue reading TBT: Meet Jamie Bourgeois


WHAT-IF I really jumped into this blog thing

Hey! Today is Wednesday, which means I focus on “What-If’s.” Generally I would like this day to be a means to experiment with combining techniques and discovering a new means to create. However, today I find it appropriate to have my first What-If Wednesday be about “What-if I really jumped into this blog thing?” (this… Continue reading WHAT-IF I really jumped into this blog thing


Toolin’ Around Tuesday’s 

Toolin’ Around Tuesday’s is where I will post technical or mechanical drawings or inspiration. Since I have been quite busy today, I am going to post a drawing that I have already made.  I have always been in love with technical drawings and especially those in science books. I never did take anatomy, but the… Continue reading Toolin’ Around Tuesday’s 


Motivation Monday

MARCH 21,2016 Today’s motivation comes from my niece, Payton. She turns the big 5 today! In honor of my mini-me with more attitude, I did a little sketch of some flowers for her in a bouquet. Currently she is on vacation in Texas–SPRING BREAK!!! #favoriteniece #gerberas #thebig5 #watercolors #fabercastell #dailysketch #illustration


Spring is here!

Over the past couple of days I have been doing little doodles and playing with watercolors. In the spirit of spring, I have made my focus flowers/blossoms. I chose a couple small sketches from my notebook, and made some quick repeats out of them. This has been great practice for me to get in the… Continue reading Spring is here!


Please and Thank You 

It is important that we grow up with proper manners. Since I’ve moved to the South I’ve come to realize that what proper manners I believed I had aren’t as developed as they could be. This doesn’t mean that I am rude, by any means! I always have the best interest and manners, I guess… Continue reading Please and Thank You 



After living in Georgia for almost 7 years and technically being a resident for 2.5 years, I finally switched my license over and I am officially a Georgia Peach. This was a very sad moment for me, and yes, I know I probably should have gotten it changed over saaaayyy 2.1 years ago, but I… Continue reading Peachy