Jumping In

Hey there! My name is Heather and I am taking a shot in the dark and making the blind leap of faith to “invest in myself.” Here, let me give you an ever so brief history, then get to the good stuff.

I grew up in small town Wisconsin where all my town had was the two places that my parents worked (I’m a little bias here, but not far from the truth)–Lands’ End and Midwest Concrete. I couldn’t wait to get out. Small town girl made BIG dreams. So I decided to attend Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. I attended SCAD with the intentions of a degree in architecture, then came out with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Fibers (textiles). It really just comes down to the fact that I really like making thing with my hands and have always had a strong tactile feel and drawing interest. Not only did I go to art school to become an artist of sorts, but I went in as an athlete and competed in cross country and track all for years. Art school and athletics. Let me tell you.. this created a tug of war with my heart consistently and to this day it still does. This is an important fact to know about me because it is part of why I am taking this leap of faith to “invest in myself.”

As graduation in 2013 rolled around I was JUST beginning to understand myself  a little bit. Tedious tasks. Quilting, embroidery, highly detailed drawings, running… I was also finally beginning to miss the countryside and Wisconsin. This all brought me to part of my senior portfolio where I focused on barn quilts, which were popping up all over Wisconsin back home. What are barn quilts? They are pieces of painted wood to look like a quilt block, then hung on barns (seen by the road). I decided to make quilts out of the barn quilts on barns back in Wisconsin.

After graduation I landed a job with Blue Force Gear as a designer and sewer. Woo! I got a job within my field, and yet in a completely foreign industry to me (military and tactical). I am nothing but thankful for my experience and the challenges I have received with Blue Force Gear–they have saved me more than once. To this day that constant tug-of-war with my heart strings have had their play and I had a moment where the athletics won, and went off to follow cycling.

cycling pic


When that didn’t entirely pan out as planned (career-wise), I came into some down time where my parents helped urge me to re-visit the whole barn quilt dealio. Both my parents were extremely supportive in getting me to see what I can do with it and they invested in me numerous ways. Unfortunately, we all sort of jumped in too quickly without really thinking it through, and it seemed to be a bit of a bust.


This brings me to where I am now: jumping in.

I am back to where I was exactly two years ago. Out of college, some experience with no portfolio to show, wanting to be an athlete full-time, but can only manage being one part-time and–oh wait, I have hella student loans, I need to utilize my super expensive degree–but I’m not getting the creative outlet my heart desires. In my exploration to have it all, I stare daily at the 2′ x 2′ barn quilts that never sold and the website we bought, but never really set up.

Okay, so here I am. I’m going to do it right this time.

BARN QUILTS by Heather.

Heather the artist





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