Please and Thank You 

It is important that we grow up with proper manners. Since I’ve moved to the South I’ve come to realize that what proper manners I believed I had aren’t as developed as they could be. This doesn’t mean that I am rude, by any means! I always have the best interest and manners, I guess some things just don’t always come to me because I did not grow up around it.

Ex: I did not grow up using “Ma’am” or “Sir” nor did I address friends’ parents by Mr. & Mrs. Not using these formal ways to address people did not make me rude. Where I grew up, it was much more lax. First name basis was acceptable if introduced in such a manner.

Words and manners or mannerisms will change from place to place, but the one thing that will always remain the same is that we should all say “Please” and “Thank You” as often as possible. For better results, MAKE your own thank you cards. So what if the lines don’t match up! You making the card said so much more than “thank you” anyhow. 🙂

I missed my St. Patrick’s day post, but that is okay. I didn’t seem to have the creative mind for it. Celtic knotting is tough to draw! Here is a quick sketch of what I worked on yesterday:


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