Spring is here!

Over the past couple of days I have been doing little doodles and playing with watercolors. In the spirit of spring, I have made my focus flowers/blossoms. I chose a couple small sketches from my notebook, and made some quick repeats out of them. This has been great practice for me to get in the habit of designing prints and understanding how they work, again. It has been over 3 years since I have really done any print and pattern work, so just be patient as I get the basics down then begin to develop much more successful prints.



First was my sketch. just simply playing with watercolors and going over it with marker for some outlines.



Afterwards, I put it into Photoshop, repeated the motif a couple times, made the size smaller and began to grid it out.

My next sprint print I wanted to keep as more of a stripe repeat.


Now, as I post it on here, I see a couple things with both prints that I need to work on:

  1. Colors. The colors that you see here are not what I see in my photoshop file. I know that this probably has to do with CMYK and RGB. As the focus of this post is simply to practice and remember how to create repeats in the computer, I will focus on proper color down the road
  2. File size. I was having a lot of issues saving files so that they were small enough to save online in my Google Drive, as well as upload to my WordPress here. I have never been quite computer savvy, but I am making it a point to begin to pay attention and truly understand instead of just saying “oh it’s good enough!”

These prints are not portfolio pieces, but simply sketches that will help me improve and be able to create portfolio pieces soon enough! Practice makes perfect!


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