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TBT: Meet Jamie Bourgeois

For my Throw-back Thursday posts, I would like to feature former colleagues that I was personally inspired by and whose work I admire very much. The purpose of these posts is to reconnect a little bit, see where they are at today, and what they are doing with their work. This just goes to show that some of the greatest designers and inspiration were right there with us in the classroom or on our team.

This week’s feature is on Jamie Bourgeois. Jamie and I had been in a couple of the same core Fibers courses, and I always admired her as a person, her color palate, work ethic, values, and sense of design.


Jamie Bourgeois

Name: Jamie Bourgeois

Hometown: Gramercy, Louisiana

Current residence: Savannah, GA

Degree: Savannah College of Art and Design–BFA Fibers

Current job/company: head screen printer for Lovelane Designs, artist assistant to Katherine Sandoz, and textile designer/artist




“Although the Savannah Mossterpiece is the only work I’ve done like this, it most definitely relates to the work I more consistently create. I’m calling it my favorite here because I think it represents me quite well. I use illustration and natural materials to comment on nature. This piece s made of live moss and yogurt, normally I work with all sorts of botanicals to create natural dyes to color and print on fabric.” -Jamie Bourgeois

Check out more process photos Here!

Other Works of Jamie’s:

Biological Control





**this is my personal favorite!**

As I feel like it has been a constant struggle to truly find my calling since graduation, I wanted to ask what her greatest challenge has been since graduation, just to see if she has experienced anything similar or to see how she did everything so successful and how I could learn from her. Though we were students together, we can always teach and learn from one another. I am so glad that I asked; this is what she said:

“I guess my biggest challenge has been feeling comfortable and confident in my current situation (whenever/wherever I was/am). When I graduated I felt pressure to get a big girl job, a job as a print and pattern designer for some big corporation, a job that would validate me as an artist and designer but, I couldn’t get over this guilt about potentially working for a company that didn’t match my ideas of sustainability/environmental protection/human rights. So, I joined AmeriCorps NCCC for about a year, thinking I would magically find myself and the answer to life. That didn’t happen, but it did strengthen the idea that I couldn’t stomach working for a company I didn’t believe in. So, I found myself back in my college town feeling confused, defeated, lost and really lame about serving tables for a living and constantly comparing myself to my peers via social media. Envy is so bad for the soul, by the way. But, I soon met two amazing and talented Savannah artists who agreed to let me hang around their studios and teach me their ways. I’m on my third year of being back in Savannah and I finally feel very comfortable and confident in my situation. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do work that I love, with people that I love working with. I’ve learned that there’s no one way to do life, there’s no single definition to success, and that nothing is forever.” -Jamie Bourgeois

What Jamie said here, I think is beautifully articulated. It is actually comforting to hear her say all of this because to her point about comparing via social media, it is disgusting, but we do it. Which is why I wanted to feature and reconnect with former classmates: so that I can actually hear it from them and see what their story is. To appreciate their work and progress instead of silently envy where they are via social media. It is a celebration of success, and I know that I will learn along the way and become more comfortable with where I am at as well.

Thank you Jamie!


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