WHAT-IF I really jumped into this blog thing

Hey! Today is Wednesday, which means I focus on “What-If’s.” Generally I would like this day to be a means to experiment with combining techniques and discovering a new means to create. However, today I find it appropriate to have my first What-If Wednesday be about “What-if I really jumped into this blog thing?” (this one might be a long post)



First thing is first: I love to draw and design and have parted from that for the past few years of my life, setting it on the back burner to focus on my day to day struggles to become a full-rounded adult. In numerous efforts to find satisfaction in a career path, the itch has gotten stronger and I want to revisit design in full colors. This is good. Why? Because I am good at it and it makes me happy. (“good.” not great–I will get to great).

Second: I am not a fan of technology nor am I the best at it, but if I want to be successful how I want to be successful, I am going to have to go with the norm of modern society to get myself and work out there. I have tried my hand in blogging before, and I do great…for a week. Then I forget about it or don’t have time, loose my interest, etc…. Social Media is tough for me too. Normally, keeping up with one form of social media is hard enough for me, and now I am trying for at least 5. There is one blog I would like to mention that caught my attention and helped inspire me to really do this:

I discovered Canoe Ridge Creations on Facebook somehow, and saw this blog post back in November. I actually took the time to read it (I don’t usually read anything that requires a click to follow a link) and found it comforting and motivating to start a blog back up. I think I even re-visited the blog I started in college because of it. But it wasn’t until a couple of weekends ago that I really got motivated to try this all out for myself, and just go for it. There is still a lot to learn.

Third: I really want to do this. Life is a journey, and I went to school and was blasted by design and pressure and comparisons and competition and keeping myself to standards that didn’t matter. It was overwhelming. I graduated and didn’t know what I wanted to do, but was in the post-grad struggle to find a job and begin adult-hood, all while trying to juggle my new cycling interest and the on-going tug-of-war with my heart between athletics and design. I got a job, and it has been a great experience, but it, along with the rest of life, has also helped teach me what I enjoy and what I don’t enjoy so much. This will be the never-ending learning experience.

What I have learned about myself:

  • I want to continue an active lifestyle–for life. This will include moderate competition as well. I’m an athlete. I am competitive. It is a part of who I am.
  • I am not the “BEST” at anything. I dabble in a lot of things and enjoy my hand in many. There is not time to be the best at everything. This is okay.
  • Life has not panned out how I would like, I didn’t expect it would. But this blog is my real effort to explore, expand, learn,  and most of all, challenge myself.
  • I want to design. I have a degree in Fibers. It is a very broad field, and I never expect to reach any edge of the field. This is what makes this passion very fun, but also very difficult and easy to be stuck or lost.



  • I did this blog thing and created the daily challenge to post something new
  • I discover a new realm of design and get really good at it
  • I end up creating awesome new portfolio pieces that land me a job with a big name
  • I do this blog thing and create a whole new discipline for myself and become more creative than I thought possible
  • I do this blog thing and loose sight of my athletics putting my focus here
  • I end up using this blog thing as a means to create myself as a brand
  • I become obsessed with the internet
  • I master this blog thing and juggling everything else in my life with great balance and am a huge success (to my standards)
  • This blog thing is only a distraction from real life
  • I overwhelm myself asking “what-if?”
  • I do this, challenge myself, learn about myself, create great things, and never have to say “what-if I never really jumped into blogging, would it have made a difference?”
  • I combine typography with quilt designs



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