illustration · Throw-Back Thursday

TBT: Let Creatives be Unproductive Until They Are

I found this cute drawing this past weekend as I was going through all my old work. This is actually a high school drawing of mine. And I love it. Looking back at all my work from high school and college, it was clear when I was excited and inspired, and when I really didn’t know what to do but had to do something. My Throw-Back-Thursday post is about me feeling excited for the future of my art and to know that though I feel stalled recently, it is okay. Because of some transitions I am in the process of, I have sort of backed off of my blog posts. Do not fret; I found a way to come to terms with this when I heard a quote from Mad Men that really resignated with me:

You came here because we do this better than you, and part of that is letting our creatives be unproductive until they are.

-Don Draper | Mad Men S3:E5

This moment, brought to me by Netflix, has taught me that though I have a lot of “crappy” art, those are just the unproductive sketches, in essence, that make my good work, good.


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