The Rescue Project

Recently I made a leap of faith and relocated to Atlanta with only a slight idea of a plan. Without the help of some wonderful people, this moved would have not happened. It has been a month and a half since that move, and I’ve done my best to keep busy while I let things fall into place. As I prepare to go back to school in the fall, I have been making valient efforts to stay busy creatively and get in the right mindset. I would like to introduce you to someone who has helped me stay busy and creative. 

Meet Namrita Kumar:

Namrita Kumar, is a wonderful person that I have been lucky enough to meet lately, whom I only know a little about but can already tell she is a very kind-hearted, motivating, hard-working, and caring individual. I am excited to get to know her more. Not only will she be my soon-to-be cycling coach at SCAD, but she helped start the Rescue Project which is “a collective not-for-profit effort to support local animal rescue organizations through the community of athletes and adventurers across the globe.” Their “mission is to promote animal adoption and rescue awareness through outdoor adventure and sport. No matter where you live, train, or compete, you can be a part of Rescue Project’s mission while supporting your local animal rescue organization of choice.” Via social media, Namrita saw my work and asked me to work on a collection of illustrations that would be used to be screen printed on t-shirts that would be sold for fundraising efforts for Rescue Project. I was honored and excited about this for it has challenged me in multiple ways. I still have works in progress, but check out what I’ve done so far.


And here is what the end result is:

Next up, a corgi:

Thanks Namrita for this and so much more!


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