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Embroidered Magnolia Leaves

I embroidered my first leaf back in 2012.  This idea came out of the works through the creative process from the beginnings of my portfolio class. I kept them simple at first and just followed the veins. Then I tried some cut out work and layering, but kept them at that. In the end, I… Continue reading Embroidered Magnolia Leaves

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Sometimes I do Things the Hard Way. 

It is how we learn best. We get more out of doing something the hard way rather than the easy way or short cuts. Not to say that short cuts aren’t smart. My point is, I am pretty much a self-taught quilter. I haven’t taken any classes, I haven’t watched any YouTube channels, all I’ve… Continue reading Sometimes I do Things the Hard Way. 

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Farm Fresh Table Runner

Recently, I started working at Red Hen Fabrics in Marietta, and I love it! For being a 25 year old, I stand out a little bit, but I don’t mind one bit! I love fabric, quilting, and the people who love it too, and that is exactly what Red Hen Fabrics’ environment is surrounded around.… Continue reading Farm Fresh Table Runner