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Farm Fresh Table Runner

Recently, I started working at Red Hen Fabrics in Marietta, and I love it! For being a 25 year old, I stand out a little bit, but I don’t mind one bit! I love fabric, quilting, and the people who love it too, and that is exactly what Red Hen Fabrics’ environment is surrounded around.

Other than working the sales floor, I also get the creative freedom to make projects to hang in the store. When the projects have lived their life, they are mine to keep! We just got in some new fabric “Farm to Table” presented by Windham Fabrics, and I fell in love immediately. 

I drew up the table runner in my head, then remembered I could blog with that, so I started my drawings. 

It has been a while since I have quilted or sewn like projects. Even though I feel like a seasoned quilter, I would not say I actually am. This creative freedom will give me the discipline to write out my patterns, drawings, and plan accordingly. I will learn easier ways to produce patterns, and how to sew them more efficiently. Not only am I learning, but I’m building a quilting portfolio!

Until next time!


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