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Embroidered Magnolia Leaves

I embroidered my first leaf back in 2012.  This idea came out of the works through the creative process from the beginnings of my portfolio class. I kept them simple at first and just followed the veins. Then I tried some cut out work and layering, but kept them at that. In the end, I… Continue reading Embroidered Magnolia Leaves

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Sometimes I do Things the Hard Way. 

It is how we learn best. We get more out of doing something the hard way rather than the easy way or short cuts. Not to say that short cuts aren’t smart. My point is, I am pretty much a self-taught quilter. I haven’t taken any classes, I haven’t watched any YouTube channels, all I’ve… Continue reading Sometimes I do Things the Hard Way. 

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Farm Fresh Table Runner

Recently, I started working at Red Hen Fabrics in Marietta, and I love it! For being a 25 year old, I stand out a little bit, but I don’t mind one bit! I love fabric, quilting, and the people who love it too, and that is exactly what Red Hen Fabrics’ environment is surrounded around.… Continue reading Farm Fresh Table Runner


The Rescue Project

Recently I made a leap of faith and relocated to Atlanta with only a slight idea of a plan. Without the help of some wonderful people, this moved would have not happened. It has been a month and a half since that move, and I’ve done my best to keep busy while I let things… Continue reading The Rescue Project

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Monday Motivation: Moving yet again!

Today’s motivation comes from my decision to wing it! I “wing it” a lot. But hopefully this time will last longer than the previous times. I have moved back to ATL from Savannah for a second time, in preparation for my decision to go back and get my MFA in Illustration in the fall, as… Continue reading Monday Motivation: Moving yet again!

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Motivation Monday: How a 12 year old girl kept me accountable.

This past weekend, I traveled up to Clemson, SC with my wonderful boyfriend, Kevin, and some friends for a couple bike races. My legs going into the weekend were very heavy and tired as my training has not been very structured recently, and I’m sure also due to my efforts on our local Wednesday night… Continue reading Motivation Monday: How a 12 year old girl kept me accountable.

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TBT: Let Creatives be Unproductive Until They Are

I found this cute drawing this past weekend as I was going through all my old work. This is actually a high school drawing of mine. And I love it. Looking back at all my work from high school and college, it was clear when I was excited and inspired, and when I really didn’t know… Continue reading TBT: Let Creatives be Unproductive Until They Are