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Embroidered Magnolia Leaves

I embroidered my first leaf back in 2012.  This idea came out of the works through the creative process from the beginnings of my portfolio class. I kept them simple at first and just followed the veins. Then I tried some cut out work and layering, but kept them at that. In the end, I… Continue reading Embroidered Magnolia Leaves


The Rescue Project

Recently I made a leap of faith and relocated to Atlanta with only a slight idea of a plan. Without the help of some wonderful people, this moved would have not happened. It has been a month and a half since that move, and I’ve done my best to keep busy while I let things… Continue reading The Rescue Project

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Monday Motivation: Moving yet again!

Today’s motivation comes from my decision to wing it! I “wing it” a lot. But hopefully this time will last longer than the previous times. I have moved back to ATL from Savannah for a second time, in preparation for my decision to go back and get my MFA in Illustration in the fall, as… Continue reading Monday Motivation: Moving yet again!

illustration · Throw-Back Thursday

TBT: Let Creatives be Unproductive Until They Are

I found this cute drawing this past weekend as I was going through all my old work. This is actually a high school drawing of mine. And I love it. Looking back at all my work from high school and college, it was clear when I was excited and inspired, and when I really didn’t know… Continue reading TBT: Let Creatives be Unproductive Until They Are


Toolin’ Around Tuesday’s 

Toolin’ Around Tuesday’s is where I will post technical or mechanical drawings or inspiration. Since I have been quite busy today, I am going to post a drawing that I have already made.  I have always been in love with technical drawings and especially those in science books. I never did take anatomy, but the… Continue reading Toolin’ Around Tuesday’s